My Publications


Philip Weber, João Bosco Ferreira Filho, Behzad Bordbar, Mark Lee, Ian Litchfield, and Ruth Backman. Automated Conflict Detection Between Medical Care Pathways. Journal of Software Evolution and Process.

Sana Ben Nasr, Guillaume Bécan, Mathieu Acher, João Bosco Ferreira Filho, Nicolas Sannier,Benoit Baudry, Jean-Marc Davril:
Automated extraction of product comparison matrices from informal product descriptions.Journal of Systems and Software 124: 82-103.

Italo Linhares de AraújoIsmayle S. SantosJoão Bosco Ferreira FilhoRossana M. C. AndradePedro de A. Santos Neto:
Generating test cases and procedures from use cases in dynamic software product lines. SAC 2017: 1296-1301


João Bosco Ferreira Filho, Mathieu Acher, Olivier Barais:
Software Unbundling: Challenges and Perspectives. Transactions on Modularity and Composition 1: 224-237.


Sana Ben Nasr, Guillaume Bécan, Mathieu Acher, João Bosco Ferreira Filho, Benoit Baudry, Nicolas Sannier and Jean-Marc Davril: MatrixMiner: A Red Pill to Architect Informal Product Descriptions in the Matrix. 10th Joint Meeting on Foundations of Software Engineering (ESEC/FSE 2015).

João Bosco Ferreira Filho, Simon Allier, Mathieu Acher, Olivier Barais, and Benoit Baudry: Assessing Product Line Derivation Operators Applied to Java Source Code: An Empirical Study. 19th International Software Product Line Conference (SPLC’15).

Thomas Degueule, João Bosco Ferreira Filho, Olivier Barais, Mathieu Acher, Jérôme Lenoir, Olivier Constant, Sébastien Madelénat, Grégory Gailliard, and Godefroy Burlot. Tooling Support for Variability and Architectural Patterns in Systems Engineering. 19th International Software Product Line Conference (SPLC’15), demonstration and tool track.

João Bosco Ferreira Filho, Mathieu Acher, Olivier Barais: Challenges on Software Unbundling: Growing and Letting Go. Modularity’15.


João Bosco Ferreira Filho: Leveraging model-based product lines for systems engineering. PhD Dissertation, Université Rennes 1, 2014.

João Bosco Ferreira Filho, Olivier Barais, Mathieu Acher, Jérôme Le Noir, Axel Legay, Benoit Baudry: Generating counterexamples of model-based software product lines. International Journal on Software Tools for Technology Transfer (STTT).


Fabiana Gomes Marinho, Rossana M. C. Andrade, Cláudia Werner, Windson Viana, Marcio E. F. Maia, Lincoln S. Rocha, Eldânae Teixeira, João Bosco Ferreira Filho, Valéria Lelli Leitão Dantas, Fabrício Lima, Saulo B. de Aguiar: MobiLine: A Nested Software Product Line for the domain of mobile and context-aware applications. Sci. Comput. Program. 78(12): 2381-2398 (2013)

João Bosco Ferreira Filho, Olivier Barais, Mathieu Acher, Benoit Baudry, Jérôme Le Noir: Generating counterexamples of model-based software product lines: an exploratory study. SPLC 2013: 72-81 (Best Student Paper Award). 

Marianela Ciolfi Felice, João Bosco Ferreira Filho, Mathieu Acher, Arnaud Blouin, Olivier Barais: Interactive visualisation of products in online configurators: a case study for variability modelling technologies. SPLC Workshops 2013: 82-85


João Bosco Ferreira Filho, Olivier Barais,  Jérôme Le Noir, Jean-Marc Jézéquel: Customizing the common variability language semantics for your domain models. VARY 2012 Workshop @ MODELS.

João Bosco Ferreira Filho, Olivier Barais, Benoit Baudry, Jérôme Le Noir: Leveraging variability modeling for multi-dimensional Model-driven Software Product Lines. Product Line Approaches in Software Engineering (PLEASE) @ ICSE, 2012.

Marcio E. F. Maia, João Bosco Ferreira Filho, Carlos A. B. de Queiroz Filho, Rute Castro, Rossana M. C. Andrade, Fredrik Toorn: Framework for building intelligent mobile social applications. SAC 2012: 525-530

João Bosco Ferreira Filho, Olivier Barais, Benoit Baudry, Windson Viana, Rossana M. C. Andrade: An approach for semantic enrichment of software product lines. SPLC (2) 2012: 188-195


Lincoln S. Rocha, João Bosco Ferreira Filho, Francisco F. P. Lima, Marcio E. F. Maia, Windson Viana, Miguel Franklin de Castro, Rossana M. C. Andrade: Ubiquitous Software Engineering: Achievements, Challenges and Beyond. SBES 2011: 132-137


Fabiana Gomes Marinho, Aline Luiza da Costa, Francisco F. P. Lima, João B. Borges Neto, João Bosco Ferreira Filho, Lincoln S. Rocha, Valéria Lelli Leitão Dantas, Rossana M. C. Andrade, Eldânae Teixeira, Cláudia Werner: An Architecture Proposal for Nested Software Product Lines in the Domain of Mobile and Context-Aware Applications. SBCARS 2010: 51-60

Fabiana Gomes Marinho, Fabrício Lima, João Bosco Ferreira Filho, Lincoln S. Rocha, Marcio E. F. Maia, Saulo B. de Aguiar, Valéria Lelli Leitão Dantas, Windson Viana, Rossana M. C. Andrade, Eldânae Teixeira: A Software Product Line for the Mobile and Context-Aware Applications Domain. SPLC 2010: 346-360


João Bosco Ferreira Filho, José de S. R. Neto, Cláudio R. F. Lima, Rossana M. C. Andrade: A framework for text visualization using memory traffic management for mobile devices. SAC 2009: 1847-1848


João Bosco Ferreira Filho, Helder S. Pinho, Riverson Rios, Rossana M. C. Andrade: A strategy for memory traffic management of bitmap fonts for text visualization in mobile devices. SAC 2008: 449-450


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